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Monday, April 13, 2009

Looking for ideas...

I'm officially 4 1/2 months!! I'm excited, but the thought that now I have to find a crib, changing table, breast pump, stroller, car seat, play yard, (and I'm sure lots of other things), has made Jeff and I a little nervous. We're working really hard at getting completely debt free (minus the first mortgage), so the thought of purchasing a bunch of baby stuff is somewhat discouraging to our "gazelle intensity"!!

I'm looking for ideas on what things we can safely purchase at garage sales (we've started putting cash in an envelope for our garage saleing adventures), what we MUST buy new, and things that we can simply do without! Since I'm starting on the mommy-thing a little later than most of you, I'm excited to see what you have to say about baby gear! I'd also like to know of brands that are reliable and specific brands to stay away from...

We had a very relaxing Resurrection Day. It was wonderful to spend the day with fellow Christians who are of the same mind and heart. Jeff and I relaxed in the afternoon and enjoyed the Easter musical in the evening at our church. I'm very thankful that the Lord has provided this place of worship for us as well as the Christians who make up the body!

I'm looking forward to what you have to say!! :-)


tarajane said...

Sweet Jean~So neat to read your heart and mind and know how you and your family are. I highly recommend sticking with your conviction to stay out of debt. What you will learn is that everyone has an opinion and while an abundance of counsel can be a good thing it should not be louder than what God impresses upon your husband and you through His very own Spirit and provision. I do not know what you remember of your babysitting days with our family but we kept it simple. A baby bed, swing, walker (or something for standing and jumping when sweet pea is ready to exercise while you are fixin' supper), and in our case an excellent backpack. I think buying everything before you have an idea of baby's temperment is premature and expensive. You and Jeff will develop your style of parenting. What works for you may or may/not be what your friends are doing or did ... and that is grace : ) I will ask the several gals who pumped milk when we had breaks during our 8 hr lecture (in nsg school) what brand of pump is worth the money ... that is what I would spend money on if you need to pump while working because it will be better for your milk supply, meeting sweet pea's nutritional needs, and breast care. See if LMH rents these ... I should know this as I did my clinicals there. I bet Sonya Wilson would be a great resource. Hugs and kisses girl! Rest well. You are in my prayers,

Danae said...

Have you checked out craigslist much? That is where a lot of my friends have found good things and I am looking for a co-sleeper on there. (We don't have room in our house for a full size crib or pack n play.) I have put the word out with friends who have things they don't need anymore and have gotten 3 car seats and various other things too. (I am collecting extra car seats for grandparents too.) As tarajane said, I knew I would really use a good baby carrier and that is why I asked for that as my big gift on my registry. We are planning to do a lot of garage sale-ing this summer too!

Anonymous said...

Have you visited a store called "Once upon a Child"? It is a store where you can buy and sell used baby stuff. I know there is one off 95th and Antioch. There might be another one, but I'm not sure where. One of my brother's friends has gotten a lot of stuff and some really good deals. Hope this helps!!

Heather Benza said...

I linked from Mom of Littles to tell you my "first trimester" fatigue finally ended at week 20, not a BURST mind you but enough to make it through the day, so you'll get there.
If you have a one story house and don't really travel I'd skip the pack and play. My son REALLY used his exersaucer (can't use until about 4 months so no rush) and bouncy seat (that vibrating kind was really a savior when I NEEDED to shower). Both of which are likely fine used -- just check for recalls. Test out the bouncer though to make sure it still works. Mine only lasted for one baby.
Lots of folks buy used car seats but I feel like is saving $50 really worth your baby's safety so I would say if you only buy one new thing it should be the car seat.
You can also go the sling/carrier route to hold off on a stroller for awhile to help spread out the costs. Since you are a teacher you may find your coworkers give you lots of necessities and gift cards at a baby shower.
If you'll have to pump check with your hospital, le leche league, city health dept., & WIC about hospital grade pumps -- you may be able to get free/cheap. And the machine/electric parts are totally taken apart and sterilized between users and you use new tubes and shields---regular buy in the store pumps can not be sterilized between users so you should not buy a used one. I had a 29 week preemie so I had TONS of info at the ready from NICU/social worker/lactation people etc. Hopefully you'll have a "normal" experience but it requires more footwork on your part to see what your city/county offers. I'd suggest you investigate once you have more energy so you know your resources. The health dept can probably direct you to lots of your local resources. I live in podunk and was surprised how much is out there for free to every newborn (not just low income, so you don't have to qualify--as a 2 income family you tend to make $10 too much to qualify for anything!).

Eryn said...

dont forget to register at target and other baby stores! people will want to buy you things, for your baby showers, after the baby etc.

Caleb and Anna said...

I would definitely recommend getting a NEW carseat, but after that go for the deals! Garage sales can be great, esp for clothes and toys, and sometimes you get lucky with the bigger stuff. I like Graco products as far as brands go. I just used a simple hand pump, or you can rent an electric one from the hospital. Also, we just had a simple umbrella stroller. Good luck! It's good to be prepared but you can always make adjustments after the baby arrives! -Anna

Valerie said...

Hey Girl! Don't know how I missed this post since I'm a follower, but I must have been on hiatus! LOL

From the Fire Fighter/Paramedic point of view BUY BRAND NEW CAR SEATS! Car seats are subject to wear and tear, especially due to the extreme heat and cold of the Midwest. The temp extremes warp and deteriorate the plastic. They also have expiration dates on them so even if you save a few bucks in the near future, you are probably going to have to resort to purchasing a new one sooner or later. In fact, I just pitched Mary's carseat as she will be 5 in August and the manufacturer's warranty advises against usage past 5 years. Where can you save...purchase 1 car seat, but 2 BASES. Of course, I wouldn't listen to experience and had to have 2 different car seats (one for daddy and one for mommy), but baby is never without the car seat! Does that make sense? Call me and I'll explain. When I dropped Mary off at daycare, I took her inside with the carseat and when Daddy picked up, he took her out to the car in the carseat, so we only needed the bases. As far as grandparents are concerned, if you really want them to have their own carseats and price is an issue, check with local county fire/ems services and make sure that if you install yourself, you FOR SURE have FIRE/EMS check the installation. Over 80% of carseats are incorrectly installed.

And that was your public service announcement from your friendly fire fighter-wife!!! LOL

Miss you,