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Sunday, June 7, 2009

In need of some creative juices!!

Okay, so I got a really cute nursery set at a garage sale last weekend... it has a bunch of border paper in it, but I'm NOT putting up a border!! SO..... I really want to do something creative/artsy with the border paper... and that's where I need your help! I'm absolutely not creative or artsy... in fact my 1st graders have a hard time telling what I draw on the whiteboard! I'm not really sure what I want... but it has to be non-permanent... Below are two samples of the border paper... PLEASE help me!! Thank you!! :-)

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Valerie said...

Hi Jean.

Love that border...and if that's the pattern to the baby bedding, well it's adorable!

What about using the border to decoupage some storage containers for baby's room. They sell those "cardboard" and chipboard containers at Hobby Lobby/Michaels. You could cut large squares, smaller squares, triangles,etc. and cover a few hat boxes or rectangular boxes to store baby's keepsakes. Also, you could get a cheap trashcan at Target/Wal Mart and decoupage that.

What about those large wooden alphabet letters from a craft store. After baby is born you could do baby's do 1 quilted letter and spray paint the other 2 in a coordinating color.

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"My Curious Kids.

Hope you're feeling well! Take care,