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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nursery Update

I really should be cleaning, but wanted to post an update on the nursery! My mom worked soooo hard to get it together. It started out as a blue room. Blue as in the color of painter's tape blue, with a gray city scape and red fire engines at the bottom. Kinda cute, but not for a nursery!

Of course it had to be Kilzed and there were many holes in the walls from mole screws, so there was quite a bit of taping, mudding, and sanding. Many hours and two coats of paint later, it looks like a whole new room! Jeff and I put the crib together without getting frustrated at each other! We got the crib at a garage sale, the bedding set at a garage sale, and my mom found the changing table at a garage sale and refinished it with help from my grandma and dad. My mother in law bought the bassinet at a garage sale, also, so this room has been done very inexpensively! Now I need to put up curtains and put something on the walls... not sure what yet, but I've got 7 weeks, right?? :-) Enjoy the pictures!


Caleb and Anna said...

Oh, it looks really good! I especially like the white furniture and patchwork bedding. great job!

Valerie said...

Jean, baby's room is just sooo soothing on the eyes. (Really, I don't know how any child could have fallen asleep in that room; while the motif was cute, the paint was definitely "paint tape" blue!)

Can't wait to see the finished when baby is actually in the room!

Take care,